New Patients

When you register with the Practice we ask all patients to fill in a health questionnaire along with a registration form (GMS1), links below. We will need details of your previous practice and your NHS number.
The health questionnaire gives us a brief picture of your current health and future health needs. PLEASE tell us if you are on any monitoring programmes eg Warfarin.
It can take at least 6 weeks for paper notes to come from your previous surgery and the questionnaire helps us whilst we wait for your notes.
Please register your newborn baby quickly - you will need to bring in the paperwork given to you by the hospital.  Fill in the GMS1 form (see below) and this form here new-baby-registration
New patients are invited to have a new patient check, please book an appointment with one of our Health Care Assistants. 
If you are on repeat medication you MUST see a doctor before any repeat medication can be issued, please don't wait until you have run out. Please bring a list of your current medication when you see the Doctor.
Patient Leaflet Link Below

Please download the relevant forms below and bring them into reception, with the necessary ID (shown on registration form)

All Patients - Patient registration gms1
All adults - Patient Health form registrationnew-patient-registration-form-adult-2018
Child registration (under 15) childrens-registration
Other Useful Downloads
Consent to share information with other health service providers
 - Record Sharing Information for Patients
Consent to share information with NHS and Emergency services
 - Sharing with NHS England